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Monday, October 10, 2011

gym rat

Maya's new favorite thing, beside wearing her goggles aviator style at swimming lessons, is gymnastics.

Sandi pushed hard for gymnastics over dance.  In the end, I conceded. 

This is a class made for her. She can tumble, jump, run, hang, bounce all the while still having to listen to direction and maintain some form of control.

Maya scurries off for a one hour class, only coming out to get gulping sips from her water bottle and stopping to poop (every class- I'm not sure why).  When Ella did gymnastics I had to wrestle Maya around for an hour. Now I sit quietly, drink coffee, clean my purse, read a book, make lists and anything else I want. I don't talk to anyone because I so desperately want the quiet.  None of the other moms are taking care of younger siblings and it is so blessedly silent. 

I feel like I have arrived at a new stage of parenting.
Maya gives it a big thumbs up too.

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Gemma Wilson said...

Quite a little gymnast you have there...

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