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Friday, October 14, 2011


This is no ordinary tower being built over breakfast.

See the dollar bill in there?

Can you guess who it's from?

You know it!
When Sandi's sister Kristi gave birth to her daughter, McKenna, she basically told her body it was time to labor that baby out and pushed perhaps without the full consent of her body to produce her into the world.

Last night Ella extracted her tooth the way Kristi birthed McKenna.

The tooth has been wiggly for a while but last night an audible "crack" was heard during dinner.  I would estimate that the tooth went from being 40% wiggly at supper to extracted in under 30 minutes.  The girls spoke to Sandi on her way home from Portland and Ella said, "Mommy! I am in the process of losing my tooth RIGHT NOW!" 

I love it when Ella works hard at something since she only pulls it out for special occasions.  Like tooth extractions.  She had blood on her shirt and a toothless smile to prove her grit. 

This makes tooth number 3 gone.  There is something about the top teeth missing that makes kids look so much like BIG kids.  And just in time for school pictures next week.

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