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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Turning 4

Maya was born at 10:59 PM on October 29 following a mere 4 hours of heavy labor and a pettily 4 minutes of pushing.  She came flying into this world and has been a force to be reckoned with ever since.
As moms and executive schedulers, we took some liberties with Maya's birthday this year.  Due to a fiasco with our original party location (how dare people go out of business when you have a party planned?) some scrambling was done and we had to make do with an October 30th spot.  Add to this Sandi's crazy study schedule and we decided to just pretend that Sunday was Maya's birthday and we spent the entire day as a family with her party in the afternoon.

Can I just say that that was Sandi's first whole day off since the end of August? 

Can I get an allelujah, amen and hail mary for that?

We woke up on Maya's faux birthday to a snowstorm.  Go figure.

We had a cozy family morning with presents, a wood fire, suiting up in snow pants, (cake decorating), and snuggles.
Maya was excited for her party and she kept saying, "Is it TODAY?"

What's a girl to do? She waited on the couch, donned in her leotard, for her gymnastics party to happen.

We built a blanket fort.

We made pretzels with her snazzy new cooking stuff. 

Really all that was left was to stand on her head.

Finally it was time for her party!

In the depths of my wild imaginings, I fancy myself a baker.  Each year marks another milestone in our children's lives and another opportunity to go head to head with a frosting tip and a bag of buttercream.

A few weeks ago Maya and I were driving in the car and she said, "I want a big, pink pig for my birthday.  I want to snuggle it in my bed.  I'm going to get a big, pink pig for my birthday.  Won't that be SO exciting for me?"

This was news to me.  I began to consider sources for big, pink pigs.

A couple of days later she informed me:  "I'm going to be getting a big, pink pig for my birthday and Auntie Krick is going to give it to me."

I quickly contacted Kris and she said that yes, in fact, Maya had told her that she wanted such an item and that Kris was planning to get it for her.

Just before her birthday, Jackson's mom asked Maya what she wanted for her birthday. "Nothing," she replied.  When we walked away she whispered to me, "What I really want is a big, pink pig."

Auntie Krick, of course, came through and it is the most adorable pink there ever was.
We don't know where we got Maya, we aren't always sure what to do with her, but one thing is for certain...we will keep that curly haired, hilarious child and let her tickle our funny bones while we pull our hair out strand by graying strand. 

When we put her to bed that night she asked, "Will I still be four tomorrow???"

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