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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Maya:  "Will you hold my looker?" (magnifying glass)

Maya: "Wait guys I want to microphone with you!" (said to Ella and Olivia, our babysitter, when they were singing into hairbrush microphones)

Maya:  "You need a mouse katool!" (said to Sandi when she was searching in the dark for pajama bottoms at bedtime, indicating that Maya has been watching a tad too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

Ella:  "Why do I have to work when I come home when I work all day at school.  It is not fair." (and this would be the age old question)

Maya: "Is today tomorrow?" (when I told her Sandi was coming home tomorrow)

Maya: "Can you put that up top of it?"

Maya:  "Is that squash for someone else?" (this is how I know I make a lot of food that I give away)

And my personal favorite:

Ella:  "Will you sign my petition for marriage equality?  Skyler and Maya have already signed it."

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