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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011...twins yet again

I started this post with the statement that our kids had worn matching Halloween costumes for the past 2 years. As I went trolling through the blog to find some flashback pictures, I had a realization.


Last year after being a beached penguin and camping out on our friends' sofa from the sheer exhaustion of carting around all that stuffing, Ella decided she wanted a costume she could run around in.

(I guess she no longer cared if she had a costume that would make her parent's pee their pants.)

So, at the end of last year's trick or treating, she announced:  "Next year I am going to be a mermaid."

"Now that's a fast moving costume," Emilie offered.

Ella also informed me that she would not be matching Maya this year.  I conceded.  She spent September scouring costume catalogs that came in the mail.  Much highlighting and dog earing of pages later, she settled on a cowgirl.  Expensive and cheaply made though it was, I understood the desire. After all, I had had a similar cowgirl costume once upon a time and I still remember the feeling of sheer joy I had wearing it.

One unrealted-to-Halloween-trip to Old Navy later, and my mother Halloween dream came true one more (and likely final) time.

They were certain! They would match!  They loved the costume!  Ella could run in it! Maya could be like her big sister!  Cowgirl shmowgirl!  They would be bees once more!

(I have yet to really delve into the psychological meaning behind the girls second go around with the bee.)

One thing is for certain as I walk down Halloween memory lane...the girls look so much more sophisticated.  So much less like babies and little girls and so much more, well, themselves.
(I don't know if bumble bees have freckles but who could resist?)

As we were getting ready to leave, Ella came out of the bathroom sporting hot pink knee high pom pom socks, pulled up high outside her black leggings and her green undershirt and pink necklace were showing on her neck.

"I don't like the way I look.  Maya gets to look perfect and I don't," she protested in the tone of angst-riddled thirteen-year-old.

I took a deep breath and reminded myself that this was not my first, and would certainly not be my last, fashion emergency with Ella.  Best approach:  solution oriented.  Don't try to push her into the car or the crying will last for 30 minutes minimum.

I quickly found a pair of my black socks and we changed her bottom layer shirt to grey from green so it was less noticeable under the black.  Crisis averted.
We headed over to the Harmon's for some trick or treating. 

Five silly kids ready to go scout for candy.
And their three moms trying to stay warm.
(I was apparently REALLY happy.)

One house was seriously decked out for the occasion, complete with someone in costume sitting perfectly still on the porch and only moving when the kids were upon him.

We got to the door and realized it was our pediatrician. I think the fact that she gave candy to Maya will go a long way toward building their relationship.
Have you ever seen Super Girl hold hands with a bumble bee?  Trust me. Cutie patotie.
After scoring a bunch of candy in the Harmon's neighborhood, we met Sandi back at home and went through our small neighborhood.  Eleven years ago when we first moved here, there were no trick or treaters, no kids on the street at all.  Now our street is bustling on Halloween night.

The girls went to town on their loot.  Ella, specifically, was thrilled to have free reign on the candy.  We put them to bed that night, chocolate streaks that had escaped the swipe of a washcloth on their soft cheeks, and I couldn't  help but wonder what and who they will exactly be next Halloween.  It's kind of neat how a once a year event becomes a benchmark for your childrens' growth and evolution.

That means I should probably plan on Punky Brewster and a clown for next year...

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Gretchen said...

Dr B gives out full size! Ing will be excited to know that (she loves her ped and the one full size KitKat she got this year is being treasured, so Dr B with a bowl of big Kit Kats is terrific. ;) )

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