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Monday, February 14, 2011

wait...shouldn't she have a helmet on?

I think Sandi and I always thought that if Maya was involved in a sport of some kind it would require a helmet. And likely protective gear.

We did not expect this.

Ange called and told me she was taking Anna to ballet and tap class.  Did I want to take Maya?

I wanted to ask:  is ballet and tap the warm up and bungee jumping is the main event?

They had an absolute ball.  For no apparent reason other than she has been hanging out too much with Ella, Anna has turned into quite a fancy little girl with a love of pink, dresses and tutus.  She was in her element.

Maya looked a tiny bit shell shccked...

but then was all over the free body expression happening in that dance studio.

I know we probably should have seen this coming after the Bippidi Bobbiti Boutique but how can a parent ever be prepared for something like this?

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