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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

down a tusk

Breaking News!

After a long anticipated arrival Ms. Ella Carver's day of front tooth reckoning finally occurred. Ms. Carver won the match with her incisor this past Sunday in an unparalleled match of strategy, determination and some good old fashioned bony manipulation resulting in one stubborn front tooth's demise into the mouthless world beyond. At press time, Ms. Carver could not be reached for comment as she is touring the world displaying the bubble gum colored hole in her gum, the former residence of the aforementioned tooth. The question on everyone's mind has been, "When will the tooth fairy come?" and this reporter cannot gauge an answer since Ms. Carver is holding her tooth captive in a porcelain tooth box and seems largely unwilling to relinquish it to the winged fairy despite the promise of cash.

In other news, there seems to be a phenomenon occurring here in Maine and, ironically, within the same family as Ms. Carver's cousin ALSO lost a tooth recently.  He could not be contacted for comment either but an undisclosed source has discovered that he is holding his tooth for ransom from the Tooth Fairy for the sum of $100.  Needless to say, he is still in possession of his tooth at this time.
But the truly captivating part of this story is that perhaps there is a familial link to this ongoing tooth extraction situation.  The children's grandmother is ALSO without a front tooth at this time, leading experts to speculate that the Carver clan is in need of some cash and/or has a diabolical scheme to remove the Tooth Fairy from her nighttime prowls through bankruptcy or simply by putting her out of business. 

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Jen said...

I was lucky enough to see E's gap at lunch today! She told me tonight was the night... so I'll be curious to see if we see the tooth fairy fluttering around the neighborhood this blustery night.

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