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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thank you for being there.

Here is the last of the videos for now...I think of it as "Ode to the Grandparentals." These are Sandi's remarkable parents and their children (biological and newly acquired) and their four grandchildren.

The presence of Patti and Dwight, as parents and grandparents, is utterly immeasurable. They are the parents that hear you have a flooded garage and don't call but rather jump in the car and drive 2 hours, showing up unannounced with rubber boots and shovels. They are the reason our kids have such sturdy LLBean clothes, the reason we get to eat so much lobster, the reason we live in a beautiful house, the reason we get overnights away and have pet safe rock salt. They are one of the reasons that our girls know profoundly how deep love runs. They have taught me how insignificant a role biology plays in the bonds of family.

They are the reason that we know, forever and always that someone has our backs. All parents should be as lucky as us- to have a safety net firmly in place for when we fall (because we have and will continue to.)

Since it would be impossible to really SAY how much we (and our girls) love them, we will just show you.

(And, damn, can I say how much our movie making has improved??)

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Amy said...

Beautiful!! What lucky girls :)

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