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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, as the videos show, we obviously had a good time in Florida.

But I can tell you I don't really feel as though Maine put the red carpet out for us- snow and cold were waiting exactly where we left them. I can say I wouldn't trade the trip for anything, but leaving and returning to the cold might be harder than just staying in it.

I was told I was not allowed to complain but I did not promise any such thing so I may just go ahead and complain.

Some statistics about our trip:

Number of showers taken at the resort = 1 (hello! we took baths in the jacuzzi tub)
Number of tissues used to wipe Ella's constantly dripping nose = 1,247
Amount of U.S. dollars spent at Whole Foods for a weeks worth of organic breakfasts and suppers = 200
Number of dips in the "heated" pool in 60 degree weather = 2
Number of times Maya ran away from us and kept running despite our shouts for her to stop = 5,762
Number of times a Disney cast member asked if we needed assistance = 10,324
Number of runs completed on Suzanne's marathon training plan = 1 (at least it was a 5 miler)
Number of steps taken on Disney property= 20,000 per person per day (half of which were taken with a child aboard our bodies in some manner.)
Number of times we put the top down = 5 (not including my solo trips to the Walgreen's 1 block away.)
Number of times we craved a drink = 147
Number of alcoholic drinks consumed in the week = 7 beers (pathetic, I know)
Number of scary, adult roller coasters Ella went on = 2 (!)
Number of nights it took of complaining about the fact that we had no chocolate before I finally went out and bought some= 4
Number of times I asked Sandi if she had the park tickets when we left the resort= 561
Number of times I wondered if Maya would be having just as much fun at the running away from us at our local mall as she did at Disney World = 798
Amount of money spent on hair shellac, tiaras, princess costumes and hair pulling = unprecedented
Amount of time it took to drive to the parks from the resort= 10 minutes
Amount of time it took to get from parking lot into the park = 10-45 minutes
Number of times people looked at us with a mix of pity and amusement while we wrangled Maya = 432
Number of times Maya told her grandparents she loved them = 658

Number of times we would save up and go all over again?  I bet you can guess.

1 comment:

Trish said...

Well, I believed all of it except for the tissues. I do not believe you counted all of them... (then again, maybe you were busy counting tissues which is why Maya got away so many times)... which causes me to doubt all of your numbers... perhaps the entire blog. How do I know what is true now?

Also, you expect us to believe you only drank 7 beers? I guess that doesn't really count the flask you had on you, then?!

Also, I know how much you spent on the Princess Explosion Boutique. Sandi told.

Love you!

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