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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

silly quotes, installment #335

From Maya:

"How does every people get big?"

To me, after I had brushed her teeth: "I will NOT poke your eye out with a knife!"

"I used to be a roller coaster." (News flash: she still is.)

When we pulled into the driveway at home: "Is Mochy (our dog) at work?"

In a moment of affection: "I just already love you."

Using a kitchen utensil she affirmed, "This is NOT a nose picker!"

When she was helping their babysitter, Olivia, pick up Maya thought she did such a remarkable job she announced, "Wow!  I am SO impressive!"

Following a screaming, crying tantrum in the car over a piece of (you guessed it) candy: "Look at my face,  It's not crying."

Words she has made up: "pokeadile" and "skunklin".  Used in a sentence:  "You are a such a skunklin!"  or if what you've done is really outrageous: "You pokeadile skunklin!!!"

From Ella:

I told her Friday night that the next day was "Sleep in Saturday" and that whoever stayed in bed the longest won.  She groaned, "Ohhhh.  I'm not good at that game!"  But guess what?  She won.  (I, on the other hand, did not.)

Ella is so not exposed to pop culture or its language.  The other day at a Brady's birthday party she poked her head through his snow fort window and yelled to me (incorrectly repeating what she had heard the bigger kids say) "That will be 50 ducks, including tax!"

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