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Saturday, February 5, 2011

furniture galleria

For no apparent reason we decided it was time for "real" "adult" living room furniture.

We don't really qualify among the worthy because we still have an elderly dog who sometimes pees when she sleeps and, well, you know about the kids.

Shopping for furniture with two kids was an experience to behold (and not to repeat.)

They ran around the displays like children released from spring loaded guns. They sat on every chair, couch and even found a leather chaise lounge which they discovered was slippery. "It's a slide chair!" they announced and proceeded to use it as such.

I feared we would be asked to leave.

Here are some things that Ella said regarding the furniture:

"You can have my $20 for Disney Momma."  (to purchase a new living room set)

Then the next day: "You didn't use my $20 on the furniture did you?  Because I don't think furniture is that important."

She calls the love seat the "love" couch.  I don't know why but it makes this piece of furniture sound incredibly romantic to me now.
After we picked out our furniture she asked me what we would do with the old couch.  I told her when we got back from vacation the Salvation Army would come and pick it up.  The next day we were driving by the airport and she said, "Will our couch go on a helicopter like that one?"

You can imagine my confusion.  "Huh?"  I asked.

"You said that Salvation ARMY was picking up the couch and that is an ARMY helicopter isn't it?"


By some miracle the Furniture Gallery where we got the furniture from offers some crazy warranty on their stuff.  For $100 the sofa, love seat, corner table, coffee table, sofa table and 2 bookcases are covered if anything at all (except cat scratching) happens to them.  So food spills, Maya taking scissors to the cushions, scientific experiments or art projects damaging the fabric...all covered.  I cannot believe they didn't up this price when they saw our kids in action but hey, lucky us!

Here are the girls making good use of a comfy spot:

Maya has been hearing about how we were going to get "the furniture" delivered when we got back from our trip.  Now whenever we say something about sitting on the couch she yells at us, "NO! It's not a couch!  It's FURNITURE!!"

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