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Friday, January 28, 2011

Taking our wild animals to meet theirs

Yesterday was Disney's Animal Kingdom, one of the parks I was most excited to visit. Animal Kingdom is the largest of all the Disney Parks, fully 5 times larger than Magic Kingdom (of Cinderella's castle) and home to many wild roaming animals of Africa and Asia. By wild roaming I don't mean out in the Florida Everglades but on a preserve that Disney created by in 1971 (Animal Kingdom itself didn't open until 1998). The best part? The Kilimanjaro Safari Ride takes visitors around the dirt paths of the makeshift savannah so you can see the animals rather close-up and not behind fences or motes.

Disney's message on these grounds is all about conservation, protecting the animals and the environment and educating visitors about how to minimize human impact on their fragile habitats.

My new favorite quote I saw across a massive wall at Animal Kingdom:

"We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." - David Brower

In other big news, Maya finally made piece with the terrifying "Goofer" and Tiana, from the princess and the frog, made another appearance with hair so shellacked it was still place despite an overnight rest on a pillow.  Also, Ella tried out her daredevil skills on yet another intense rollercoaster which scared her (and me) silly.  I know, I know, why don't we just say no?  Because when your timid child wants to do something gutsy you forewarn them and then say yes.  (And hold their hand and encircle their shoulders in a vice grip.)

We saw the "Lion King" and "Finding Nemo" the musical, which were both so spectacular I found myself in disbelief that they put these phenomenal, high energy shows 4 or 5 times a day.  The shows alone at Disney and Sea World are almost worth the admission price, I swear.  I will admit, I had a problem with some serious fluid-out-of-eye leakage at the end of Nemo when dad and Nemo part and the music swells and bubbles pour out of the ceiling. To see the looks of sheer awe on the girls faces as they reached their innocent faces upward and extended their hands to catch a falling bubble.  Oh man...Sandi's dad patted me on the arm and said, "Yup, I've been there."

1 comment:

Trish said...

1) How many innocent children did Suzanne knock down running wildly with that double-wide stroller?
2) I'm wicked jealous you all met Shakyamuni Buddha-- I have a few questions for him.
3) This video was priceless for the sister moments! Why, when El and Maya are in the stroller and Ella is patting her shoulder, do I get the distinct impression that she's actually just fluffing her princess shoulder cuffs rather than truly comforting her sister?
4) I don't believe that rhino was real.
5) How come the tiger got more face time than the other animals? He got two shots. What's up with that?
6) I nearly came undone when Maya was grabbing the baby fish. It was the most precious thing... I can hardly believe you caught it. I've watched closely, did she smoosh it at the end? Maybe it was a quick release and I missed it...
7) I love you so much! I can't wait to pick you up tomorrow!

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