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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ella: future esthestician

Since we got rid of our cable (and have, joyfully, never looked back) the kids are SO much more creative.
They run into the house and go find something to play with (or they chase me down with inconsequential things like straightening a sock hem or dealing with a minuscule spider that has crossed their path) and often they play with each other. 

Ella got a make-up kit and a headband making kit for Christmas. Voila!

Here they are working on some very important project, which they are doing this very moment.  I can hear Maya singing her Christmas medley of about 5 combined songs, Ella directing her this way and that and Maya's running feet stomping around and yelling "I'm here Ella!  I'm here!"

And all the while it does this outside:

causing nearly all of the state of Maine to be closed including Ella's school which I almost took her to but thankfully my friend Ange informed me that she might not have school .  I guess they preemptively closed school because the blizzard was moving up from the South (we didn't see a flake until 9 AM) but I would have been driving the lone mini-van into the lot this morning because...remember?  WE DON'T HAVE CABLE.


Angela said...

Brady says: wow, I wonder if Suzanne knew Maya did that. I explained the situation and he did not believe me that she sat there and let El do it!!!

As a side note... I did not hear about the storm from TV. It was ALL people were talking about yesterday :). B's school almost cancelled yesterday morning for today!

Hope you guys are having a fun day!

Katie said...

You can sign up for school district #22 snow day cancellation alerts to your cell phone if you'd like! (fair warning though, they call before 5am!) I'd like to get OFF the list, myself...but, for early risers it might be perfect. I can't remember how we initially signed up, but if you call the school I'm sure they'd hook you up! Enjoy the snow day. :o)

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