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Monday, January 24, 2011

Magic Kingdom

 Yesterday was all about the Disney Magic, brought to us in technicolor at Disney's Magic Kingdom.  Sandi's parents came along and we had the best time.  We saw princesses, Minnie and Mickey, watched a parade, rode the boats of "It's a Small World" and scared the bejessus out of Ella by allowing her to go on Space Mountain.

(For the uninitiated Space Mountain is a rollar coaster in the dark which, very effectively, makes you feel like you are being propelled through the depths of space, dodging meteors and black holes while being shot at with lasers in the process. Not for those vulnerable to seizures, anxiety, or impressionable 6 year-old.)

We explained the ride to Ella, informed her of the degree of fear potentially involved and she was adamant about going on it.  She kept saying, "It's not real, right?  It's a ride." We each had our own seats in a row- me in the front, Ella next and Sandi behind. I reached my arm around to hold Ella's hand.  Sandi held her shoulder.

This is by far the most fun ride I went on all day, but I can tell you it was ruined completely by the voices in my head shouting at me, "You are a terrible mother!  How could you let your six-year-old make this decision!  The authorities are going to be waiting for you at the exit!  You will have to sleep with her every night until she's 16 because of the nightmares! She's going to be in a catatonic state of terror when this finally ends!  When is this ride going to be over for pity sake?!"

In all honesty, she was utterly terrified (and said that at one point she said to me, "Momma!  I'm scared!" but I couldn't hear her over the raucous noise) but I truly think that she was proud of herself for doing something SO gutsy.  At least that is the spin we put on it for the rest of the day telling her how tough and courageous she is.

But really, the best way to show you what a good time we had is to, well show you...

(Our apologies that this movie is 8 minutes long but it is hard to distill down such a big day into any less than 8 minutes apparently.)


Christine said...

How fortunate you all are to have this incredible experience! Thanks for sharing it with us. Maya's scowls are priceless! The sound of your laughter, Suzanne and Sandi, is so genuine (as was the redirection for Maya to get her finger out of her nose :o). Your parents offering the girls such comfort is heart warming. The wonderment in Ella's eyes brought tears to my eyes. How can anyone possibly say that princesses are all bad? Have fun and enjoy the magic!

Emilie said...

I agree with Christine about Ella's eyes at the end. Love getting a glimpse of what you guys are up to! Incredible.

Angela said...

OK, you have totally got my kids begging to go back! And you totally made their morning with that video!!

Love that the girls (all 4 of them) are having so much fun and how lucky are you guys to have such awesome grandparents to share it with?!?!

PS - Nice work to San on the iMovie. Looks great :)

Trish said...

Ella on the roller coaster was my favorite part. She was having so much fun. I'm a little freaked out by how much Dad enjoyed the carousel. Good to see that Maya hasn't changed in Florida... Also, did anyone else notice, upon entering Magic Kingdom, Mom's loving death-grip on Ella's hand? Atlas himself could not have pulled Ella out of Mom's grasp. That's our Momo... great first iMovie Sano. And Suz, we talked about your carry-on liquids... now you learned the hard way. Bummer! That $25 could have been spent on useless memorabilia. Lost opportunity!

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