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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

As Ange said to us before we left:  this boutique was made for girls like Ella.

A place to make (most) little girls' dream come true:  to become a princess.

And, naturally, Maya with her recently acquired shiner on the side of her forehead, had to do it to.

Disney does a great job with this one I have to say, it's pricey (to say the least) but you get a lot for the price (including a photo shoot) and they make it so very special for the girls. All day, wherever we went in Epcot all the Disney cast members called them "princess."

All in all, the girls felt extraordinary and we felt...well, very ordinary.

But no fears, there will be no pagenting in our family's future!

1 comment:

Trish said...

Oh my sweet Lord. From a Buddhist standpoint, I am failing big time. My level of attachment to these girls is off the charts. It is so funny to watch the difference between them. For Ella, that make-over was serious business. For Maya, it was another opportunity to have a blast and a few laughs. I love Ella's reaction when she sees herself in the mirror-- quietly pleased and absorbed by her appearance, taking it all in. I can only imagine that in her mind she thought, "Finally! My outward packaging matches my inner identity. I am free!"
Interesting, these pics with the princesses are the only ones from the theme parks where both girls are present and smiling, seemingly without prodding. I guess even at this young age, one's outward appearance changes how she interacts/projects with the world.
Did I mention I miss you. Come home soon.

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