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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sea World Wonderment

Admission to Sea World = $71 per person

Chef Mickey's character breakfast = $100

Getting lost on the way to breakfast in the Disney Compound, causing upset in the car including some short tempered shouting when the girls wouldn't stop smacking each other in the back = at least one month off my life and yet another debit out of the account of Sandi's patience with Suzanne (hopefully a limitless fund).

The looks on our girls faces all day long = utterly, surely and completely PRICELESS

Sea World is an AMAZING place- a place to inspire any human to bow at the feet (or fins) of animals and revere them for the wonder that they are. They are humorous, enchanting and incredibly beautiful.

Since last February when a trainer died at Sea World at the hands of one of the killer whales, the Shamu show no longer allows trainers in the water with the whales and so, even though the show was still captivating, a different and phenomenal show "Blue Horizons" stole our hearts. Acrobats, dolphins, diving, air-popping tricks made us unable to blink our eyes for even a second.

And, even if the show Shamu has lost some of its original pazaaz, Maya fell whole heartedly in love with "Shampoo" and now carries a stuffed version of him everywhere. Except now that she knows his name is Shamu, whenever we jokingly call him Shampoo she scowls and corrects us. "It's SHAMU."

Here is the next (9 minute!) installment. We've tried to whittle it down but as Sandi reminded me, as much as we want to share these videos with all of you, they are ultimately for our own family album. We won't be offended it you don't watch it all... you can skip below and watch a shorter 3 minute video :)

1 comment:

Trish said...

My image of Ella is pleasantly affirmed after watching her excitement upon leaving Sea World-- a world of Spirits in the form of the Animal Population. That's Ella's home. It's so heart-warming to see her bloom in these videos.
Maya's indecision at sharing that "blown-kiss" with Mickey was hilarious. She got her hand kissed, but then held on to it. After all, she really loves Minnie. She's like Minnie's protective sister, checking out Mickey, making sure he's worthy of said kiss from her. I like that she held out her blessing for him. Bodes well for the future of the Ella/Maya "I got your back" relationship of sisters.
I miss you gals! Come home soon.

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