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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

night woes

Somehow, everything seems scarier at night.

Like the creak that makes you think, with a quick jerk of your head, "What's that?"

Perhaps it is because the world is supposed to be asleep and things aren't supposed to be creaking, uninvited, downstairs or, worse, on your staircase.

Nor are the lights supposed to be on downstairs.

We came home from our Storyland/Santa's Village trip in the evening, a little bit chewed up and spit out, and piled into bed, bags still mostly packed, just as soon as we could. I was the last one downstairs and, if asked, I would have told you I was 100% sure I had turned the lights off. I had the memory of being in the dark, the only light coming from the stairwell, as I headed up to bed.

Imagine my momentary surprise then when I got up to pee in the night and noticed light coming through the upstairs hallway floor register from downstairs. I took a deep breath to calm my overactive imagination, telling myself Sandi must have been unable to sleep and was down there.

Then why, when I got into bed, was her warm sleeping body in its usual place?


Now, I have to go on record to say that this is the ONLY time I miss having a man in the house (no offense to anyone.) I would happily send a man to do my bidding here and go downstairs to investigate. But, alas, it was up to me- ye, of the active imagination.

Down I went. Kitchen light on. No armed robber having a midnight snack. No electrical fires. No chipmunks raiding the cupboards. Doors locks checked, house secured, I went back upstairs to fall asleep and had this thought.

Which would I prefer? An intruder, a major electrical malfunction or the possibility that I am losing my mind?


Angela said...

Possibility? Hahaha! It's long gone friend!


You do know, that in that circumstance, Matt would have driven the 35 minutes to your house to check it out for you right? THAT's how much we love you!

Christine said...

Truth be told, I have a man in the house and I still would have been the one heading down those stairs to investigate. It's the whole 'theory vs practice' thing.

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