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Friday, August 6, 2010

from the scraps of me

I swear sometimes my children are sucking me dry.

Or trying to see just what will happen when I lose my mind.

Or perhaps wishing to see if it is possible to make my eyes bug out and my head spin around.

Sometimes I feel like they want to own me, to possess the deed to my body, my soul, my checkbook, my heart, my every whim and want. It's almost as though, if I left them to their own devices, they would pull and tear and rip, each grabbing an appendage and holding it up in victory: "I got her arm!"

"Oh, yeah? Well I've got both her legs!"

And they would bleed me dry, laying claim to each and every scrap and morsel of me, each hording their share in their respective corners, proud of the portions that had secured.

But, alas, then one would want the ear the other had, while the other would HAVE TO HAVE my liver and then the fighting and stealing would erupt and they would be right back where they started. Because that is all the girls do these days- fight, terrorize, whine and complain.

Did I mention it has been kind of a hairy transition for me with Sandi being back at work after 14 days off?

Out of sheer necessity I took them to the childcare at the gym for an hour this morning in hopes it would improve my parenting morale (it did) and then spent a few decent hours before our babysitter came and I went to work all afternoon (glorious). I came home to happy, missing- Momma-girls, who gave big hugs and appreciated me and told me silly stories.

Then we went upstairs to bed and they fought over who got the most snuggle time with me.

I guess I should be flattered but all I want to do is run from the room, pulling my hair for comfort.

Some days I like my kids better from afar.


Angela said...

That's all well and good, but I want to make sure I get a limb too :)

Was this prompted at all by B's comment about how Ella says you do everything she tells you to? :)

Love you

Christine said...

I love your honesty about this and everything else, Suzanne. It's refreshing to me ~ very refreshing. Being home with children ~ raising your own children ~ is the most difficult job in the world for so many reasons. You're a fantastic mom and your girls are so very fortunate to have you home with them (even when you feel like you'd rather be somewhere else ~ anywhere else)!

By the way, when are we running together (without our kids) next?

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