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Sunday, August 15, 2010

...and the fun just never ends

We could blame it on the impending start date of Kindergarten, or our unquenchable desire to pack and unpack all our belongings, but whatever the reason this has certainly been a summer of on-the-go fun.

Last week we took the girls to New England's version of Disney.

Storyland in Glen, NH.

If you've never been, it is hard to describe just how much fun it is. Now, I can see that perhaps this is spoken as a parent, but I am unafraid to proclaim that I think Storyland is a total blast. Would it be without kids? Probably not. But to watch your kids radiate joy, squeal with delight and giggle from the depths of their little bodies? Well, it is truly the pinnacle of parenthood. It makes all the other, less glamorous moments worth it.
First stop, hair wrapping.
And guess who wanted to be just like her big sister?

Maya's checking to see if this Donkey has good reflexes.

Ella was quite the little dare devil, preferring the log flume and roller coaster. Yet, the new found sense of daring and her love of things made for smaller kids, she was the ideal age for Storyland this year. No ride was off limits for height or desire.

We tried Maya on the little roller coaster and she got halfway through and said, "I DON'T WANT TO!" And that was that. Each bigger ride we asked her about, she gave a decisive shake of her head.

Maya took this- my favorite summer picture of Sandi so far.

This cow is super cool. When you squeeze the udders, water shoots out and the cow moos. Needless to say, it is a huge hit.

Maya was a little less enthused and needed an invitation from her sister.

Which she turned down.

Maya had one speed at Storyland. Run.

She ran, feet almost hitting bum, everywhere we went.
Until she tired, and we would either have to give her a slushy with some sugar- kidding! (not)- or carry her.

Until she crashed.

Some regrouping was necessary for Sandi with all this fun and merriment as well. She found it on the back lawn (I mean deep inside) of the condo we rented.

And when your first stop is that much fun, what is a family with little kids to do? an hour to another one the next day?
A small roadside stop for those in need of emptying her stomach contents due to some ever increasing car sickness and some fresh air...

...and on to Santa's Village!

You can actually meet Santa and feed his reindeer. I always thought the whole Santa in the summer thing would be weird but it really wasn't. It was just enough ho, ho, ho and fake snow to make it cute but with lots of fun stuff to do.
Namely, the elphabet game. There are 26 elves throughout the park, each to a corresponding letter, and the kids stamp their card, collecting (ideally) all 26 for a prize. But I think you get the prize for any effort.
The kids went CRAZY finding these elves. It was likely one of the top 10 most exciting things to ever happen to them.

Sandi took Ella on this spinning swing ride and spent all her time photographing our girl...(I love Sandi's long legs hanging down these swings made really for little kids.)

Whereas, I hopped on every dare devil ride she wanted to go on. Each of the 5 times in a row, I might add.

And how can you resist another log flume ride? (San, thanks for waiting for an externity to snap this shot at the bottom of the flume with Maya to content.)

All in all, it was likely the most fun we've had as a family. Hopefully, Ella at least, is old enough to remember it.

We even had a kick-ass takeout meal from the Indian restaurant Ange told us about in North Conway and a little bit of quiet mommy and momma time.

Condo- $125 a night
Tickets- $155 for both parks
Bottomless slushies- $7
Foam pads for the rock hard bed in the condo- $30
Smiles on these 4 faces? Priceless.

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