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Friday, August 13, 2010

And here come the rest of the pics...and the story

We had it all during our time at camp: injuries that put Sandi's well-stocked first aid kit to the test, leach murders, a missing cat, perfecting of the BBQ pizza, the knowledge that lobster DOES taste better at the beach, morning runs on the blueberry barrens (Suz) and nature-infused meditation on the beach (San), multiple books read, turtle hunting (and release), ella learning how to swim for real (!), our kids sleeping till 7 am (!), to living practically outside and reducing our carbon footprint to a little bit of propane for the stove and the grill. We boiled water from the lake to wash dishes and used a little bit of solar power. It felt so good to be off the grid for a while, away from email and the computer, away from bills and lawn mowing and grocery shopping. be drenched in sun, lake, sand, girls (and a few boys) and lots and lots of love.

All this to go out looking for a missing cat (note the arm bandana- where did this come from??).

Is it still manly to flex your muscles if you are wearing a tiara?

Patti and Dwight. Thanks for all the yummy food and, um... the camp. xoxo

The girls, for some reason, really missed their warm baths so Sandi took to heating water on the stove and bathing them in this basin. They LOVED it.

Grilled tomato, basil and fresh mozzeralla pizza,

and fresh salsa!

Ready, set, run!

All in all, a great vacation! (And I promise, no more pictures!)


Christine said...

I love the pictures. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

WHO is the hottie with the buff arms and great tan about half way down??????????

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