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Sunday, June 14, 2009

What else is there to say??

Well, since I have officially created some blog junkies (thank you, Angela for your comment)... I better get posting.

First we were on Beals for Noah's graduation from Kindergarten. He was the single graduate of a single pupil class in the 37 student Beals Elementary (grades K-8). It was kind of a good thing he was the only student because he was the entire show. He is an extremely precocious little boy, who also happens to be a Leo, and he is a showstopper. He sang the "Star-Spangled Banner" with full vibrato.

Sandi's dad, third one in from left, with his 5 brothers and sisters and his parents (seated.)

See, she does wear dresses...(okay, I dressed her)

Gram loving Maya

The graduate and his cupcakes. At the end of the ceremony he said, "I hope you will all join me next year for my first grade graduation."

From there we took the girls to the first annual Pride event in downtown Bangor this weekend. (Hats off to all the members of the Bridge Alliance who made it happen- it was so great to have such a turn out and have it be so free and fun and open.)

She was very proud sporting her rainbow flag.

Then we came home and pretended to be in a parade. That is the sunroof she is sticking her head out.

You knew they were coming....

Momma bird had her babies!

Ella has had a lot to say lately:

"Sometimes it feels like Maya is stronger than me." (I tried to ignore this one so that I didn't have to tell a fib to boost her self-esteem.)

"When I fell off the see-saw" (an unfortunate accident that I was 100% responsible for) "I felt like I was going to die."

Pointing very enthusiastically at the training bras at the store, "Oh, Momma! Can I please get some kid boobs?"

"When I get goggles, I'm going to go under the Hampden pool."

"Oh, Momma, that is just the way it goes."

"No, Momma. That is never going to happen."

"I just have little kid boobs now, right?" (I swear I don't understand the sudden obsession.) I then gave her a VERY brief overview of puberty and how the breasts and the pubic hair grow when a girl becomes a teenager. Ella, deadpan, "I'm not very excited about that."

But the real deal is that Ella's preoccupation with clothes, dressing and re-dressing has reached an all time high. We decided it was better for our sanity if we just installed a bar in our walk in closet at her level for her so she can peruse her own merchandise, make educated selections and (hopefully!) become more responsible about putting her clothes away...

We didn't get a photo of the big lopsided grin she wore, but it was there. I promise.

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