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Monday, June 8, 2009

the fanciest tea party on the block

We had the tea party at Tia's house to attend today. We were all dressed in our finest; even Maya wore a skirt.

Tia greets us at La Casa de Feliz (the happy house). Sandi's got her all vintage in black and white.

The idea for this tea party was born last week when Ella was in Tia's bathroom, admiring all her candles and fragrant soaps. Ella said to Sandi, "You know what I like the most about Tia? That she likes pretty things."

Photos of Maya are blurry because she is always moving...

The table is set. The placard reads the theme: "Pretty Things."

And there is the prettiest thing of all.

Yummy food...

Aunt and niece conferring about what should come next...

Why dessert under a tent in Tia's bedroom, of course!

The smile says it all.
Thanks, Tia. That was super fun.

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