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Monday, June 8, 2009

incredible news

Part I

Maya slept until 6 a.m.!! This might as well be 10 a.m. as far as we're concerned.

Part II

I haven't been out for a long run in a bit and today was a good day, weather and schedule wise. My last long run taught me something very important- I need replenishment in the form of electrolytes, not just water. So this morning Sandi and the girls brought me some Gatorade about halfway through and then left it for me to finish on my way at Elm St. (Em, there is an empty Gatorade bottle on your front steps.)

I just want to take a moment to bow to Gatorade. It was like speed for my muscles.

The best part about running a long route through Hampden? I was able to give a little salute to all the dear friends and family who have moved to Hampden since we've lived here. I waved to Trish, saw Emilie as she was packing her kids in the car to go to work, a wave to the O'Reillys and the Merrill-Maguires as I passed their streets and then I ran by the newly purchased house of our friends Katie and Alex. (Now, Matt and Ange, you're really going to have to move to Hampden because I cannot run to Amherst.) I felt so blessed to have so many people we love within running distance.

Okay, but really the amazing part is what I ran... I ran a half marathon this morning! 13.1 miles. I set out for 12 and I thought, oh why not? Now I am dressed in a skirt and heels and off for a bit of work and then to Tricia's very fancy brunch tea party she is throwing for Ella and we were invited (I think only if we dressed up.)

I hereby dedicate this run to Emilie Manhart for telling me I could do it and to the makers of Gatorade- I don't know who you are but I love you.


Anonymous said...

That is just plain awesome.

Good work, lady.

Emilie said...

amazing. so impressed.

Katie said...

Thanks for waving! It's funny because so many runners go by, and Alex and I often say to each other, "maybe it's Suzanne...!" Way to go! 13 ROCK! ;o)

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