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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

mucho gracias

I want to say thank you this morning. Thank you to Sandi for going to work and, yes I'm really going to say this, allowing me to be at home with our spectacular girls. And thank you, San, for house sitting these three nights to help fund our overnight to Bar Harbor- for leaving the most comfortable bed ever made and missing the bits of time with the girls before work to do it.

You see, this morning I can't even begrudge our little rooster from her get-the-day-started-with-the-sun schedule. All I can do is revel in the feel of her squishy, smooth-skinned cheek under my lips, the giggle as she unzips her pjs to show me her newly discovered belly button yet again, her busy work in the play kitchen in the living room where she puts her sippy cup in the pretend fridge, the exuberant run from across the room when it has been too long in between snuggles and she leaps into my arms, fists tight around my neck and then a pat pat on my back.

Ella is still asleep and if she doesn't take me down with 6 outfit changes before noon, I suspect I will be full of appreciation for her too. It's just that kind of day.

We are headed to Beals for a kindergarden graduation tomorrow and all I can think is, no thank you. I want to keep them just as they are. I love Maya's incoherent babble and Ella's witty innocence. Yesterday, we went hiking with our friend Kizzy visiting from Montreal and at one point I had Maya on my back and Ella on my front and, rather than being weighted down, I couldn't bear the thought that the day would come that I couldn't carry both of my girls on my body.

Ah, these are the days...Thank you, San, for letting me have them. Sorry you have to miss them but I think the people thank you for saving their lives. We'll have fun with you tomorrow. And maybe we'll make you some chocolate bread.


Angela said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angela said...

Stop making the rest of us look bad! If my kids are up before 6:30 I'm in a bad mood until the coffee has a chance to work it's magic.....

:) - you're amazing

love you

Sandi said...

What lucky kids we have....

Angela said...

You can't blog everyday for like 2 weeks and then cut us off. Write!

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