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Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Fun

Morning garden

We had some fun this weekend... a camping trip cancelled due to impending rain (if we have learned nothing we have learned that camping in the rain with kids is the opposite of fun) leant for creative playing around home and a trip to Bar Harbor.

First the park...

Static cling

Then the beach...

My favorite ever picture of Ella and I.

The skirt, even the one with the petticoat, does not slow her down.

sand tastes soooo good

And, of course, some ice cream...

Ella said, "Bar Harbor is so great!"

Twins. Except my skirt doesn't twirl.

Echo Lake

new twirly dress from Sea of Cotton, home of the original "twirly dress"

We found a momma bird had built her nest in our playset tree house. These are her beautiful eggs...

And the proud momma.

Lowe's helped us bring the campfire home.'s possible with this baby we might never go camping again.

A quiet dinner after the girls went to bed...


Emilie said...

this post says everything it needs to say without saying it, and it makes me feel very happy.

Jeannine said...

wonderful!!!! love being a voyeur to your weekend... suzanne, the pic of you and ella - guiding her across the rocks is great, almost symbolic of you being behind her - guiding her through life!
how lucky we were to have a quick visit too =}

Angela said...

ahhhhhhhhh....... (that's a happy long sigh, not me screaming at my kids!)

:) xo

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