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Thursday, November 1, 2012

anyone want to dance?

So this flash mob idea that I had while running last week?  It is totally going to happen.

We had a rehearsal Sunday morning.  I met my friend Melissa (our gracious choreographer) 30 minutes before everyone showed up and she taught me the dance.  Not too hard.

Soon cars pulled in the lot and at first I thought they were just people coming to use the track but they were dancers!  Then more and more people came and before we knew it we had a group of about 35 dancers ranging from experienced to nervous but willing. 
It was time to dance.
My friend Matt video taped the whole thing so he could make this video so those who couldn't make it to the rehearsal could learn the dance. (Matt is such a technological rockstar, I can't even tell you.  Except to say that he even reversed the video so that people learning at home wouldn't have to try to learn the dance having to go in the opposite direction. The flipped version means they can follow us step by step in the same direction.)  Matt even had the equipment to mic Melissa so she can be heard giving instruction on the video.

Brady also was on gadget duty.  Thank you B.
The rest of the kids thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed the rehearsal.

Within the hour, everyone (pretty much) knew the dance.  I was so proud of this group- especially the non-dancers who came out to take part in this really positive experience.  It is kind of like a way to take back what has been stolen in this election.  We are reclaiming our positivity, our joy, our love. 

And we shall dance.

Anyone is welcome to join the mob!!  Please visit the Facebook event!  We have one final rehearsal Friday at 4 pm at the OLD Home Depot parking lot next to Target in Bangor.  The dance is at noon on Saturday in West Market Square in Bangor, with an 11:30 pre-dance logistical meeting in Pickering Square.  Feel free to come support and cheer if you don't want to dance!  We need sign holders and happy Yes on 1 people!
And for those of you who don't live here...await the video!

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