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Friday, November 9, 2012

I promise they called us

I'm not sure how, but people still are interested in hearing what we have to say on the issue of marriage in our state.  I would think by now people would want to put cotton balls in their ears when they see us approach, but Erin Rhoda from the Bangor Daily News called yesterday to ask if she could interview the girls.  She said there had been a lot said by adults on the issue and she wondered what the kids would have to say about it.  Today, she wrote this editorial

I thought it was really cool that someone cared to talk to our kids about what they think of the vote.  After all, they are on the front line.  They donated their own time, Ella donated $5 of her own money and they donated their mother to make this happen.

What do they have to say?  It's all about love.

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