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Saturday, November 17, 2012

happy gay day

I have the best kind of friends. The kind that decide there needs to be a celebratory flash mob dance when there is a landmark victory at the polls.  Or at the very least a party. 

Last Saturday night at Paddy Muphy's, there was a party.  (We were going to dance but apparently it wouldn't have caused  a crisis of faith in the building construction for the diners below if there had been dancers on the second floor of this historic building.)

Ange and Emilie made this amazing out and proud cake.  We sang "happy gay day to you." It was awesome. 
(I love the expressions in this photo.)
And this baby isn't just beautiful.  It has sweet potato cooked into the cake.  And frosted with lemon buttercream.  Everyone deserves to have friends, and cake, like this.   

As people started to leave and the bar tenders weren't so occupied, the kids sidled up to the bar stools and got a little lesson in taps.   All that was missing was Billy Joel singing, "The Piano Man" and the scene would have been complete.


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