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Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to two of my favorite people

Sandi and Ange's birthday fall within 2 weeks of each other and so we usually celebrate them together.  This year we were a little late since Trish and Brock's wedding was on Ange's birthday and we were away for Sandi's.  We had spent a wonderful weekend in Portland, just the four of us, swimming in our hotel pool, eating from our favorite vegetarian restaurant and making repeat trips to one very cool park. 

Yet, the delay in celebrating was softened by the offering of chocolate chip cheesecake. (Both Sandi and Ange have a serious soft spot for cheesecake.)

The kids have gone from little and fitting in on our house to big and busting at the seams.  We literally had to send their wild selves outside a few times.  We need a downstairs play room but with the vermin we are trying to eradicate with D-con down there and all the power tools,  I think we will have to wait until our next house. 

In the meantime, the fun of the moment is all about carrying each other around.

Beckett looked on with a mixture of admiration and horror.

Before we knew it we were treated to a full fledged acrobatic show complete with a human pyramid and blaring German parade music of all things.  One never does know what one will experience sitting on our couch. 
The pyramid met its inevitable decline.

Good friends, grape salsa cups, homemade Indian food, good wine (and beer), lots of laughs and enough cheesecake to go around is a great way to celebrate a birthday.  If you're so lucky to get a human pyramid, you ought to call yourself blessed.

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