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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ever wanted to be in flashmob dance?

Two days ago while I was running I got an idea for how to replace the anger, heartbreak, fear and anguish of the campaign with love and joy. 

Dance.  Public dance to be specific. 

I imagine by now everyone knows what a flashmob, but in case you don't check out one of the original flashmobs in the Antwerp train station in Belgium. 

That is right.  I am organizing a YES on 1 flashmob dance for little Bangor, Maine. 

I sort of jokingly put this idea out there in a Facebook post and I got a lot of interest.  This got me to thinking....maybe we could pull this off.

My friend Melissa is going to do the choreography and we are going to get a group together to practice this weekend.   We have a rehearsal planned for this Sunday at 11 am (if you're local and want to come it is at the Hampden Academy track- email me if you need info with the actual flashmob planned for Saturday November 3rd at noon in downtown Bangor.   If you want to dance in the actual flashmob but can't get to the rehearsal, we are going to videotape it and put it on youtube so you can learn at home!

I mean, why not?

It isn't as though I think a group of people wearing rainbow colors and dancing as a group in public is going to change the minds voters (though it would be cool if it did...), but honestly the group of folks that are working so hard and putting their hearts on the line in this election need a boost. 

It isn't just the gay people of Maine who are hurting from this vote.  There are so many straight allies who are also deeply affected by the state of affairs.  My  friend Raina wrote this to me the other day:

"We want to have our children grow up in a world that doesn't discriminate against it's own people.
I know that it may seem that I don't stand to lose anything with this upcoming election. But this is wrong. I stand to lose a lot if marriage equality is not voted into law. My heart will be broken. Like you, I spend many days with a heavy heart and I cry when I pass "no on 1" signs. My faith in humanity is crumbling each time I see a sign that promotes hate and discrimination. I have tried to imagine the possibility of this vote failing and I feel hopeless, I consider that I may need to seek therapy from a professional. Truly. I don't know what words to put here that will make you feel how passionately I support this bill. But know this, if it doesn't pass, I will (and already do) have a deep regret for not doing more and I will commit many many hours, days, weeks, whatever it takes to make sure that all families are treated equally and fairly, and that all adults have the right to marry their soul mate."

I am deeply touched when heterosexual people take on this fight as their own.  Because, honestly it is.  No one is free while others are oppressed.  I think MLK said that and wasn't he correct.

So I'm doing my nightly volunteer shift making phone calls for YES on 1 but now I'm going to add a little pep to our election countdown.  Let's finish this out with love and positivity and, perhaps, even a little bit of fun.  We only have 12 days to go...

Want to dance?

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