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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I am truly and profoundly moved by the outpouring of love and support I personally, and our family as well, have received since I wrote my last post.

Let me break it down for you like this:  most of my posts are viewed by somewhere between 50-300 people depending on whether I post it on Facebook or if when I do, it grabs the interest of my friends.  The last post about question one has, to date, received 2495 views.  It has been passed and passed and passed around Facebook and people from all over the world are reading it.

For a writer with an audience of 50, this is beyond amazing.

Thank you to all who read, commented and cheered from afar.  Your interest in this issue and in my post, whether gay or straight, Mainer or non-Mainer has rearranged part of my heart so it doesn't feel so hardened against this fight. 

I wrote the piece because it was burning my insides.  I never dreamed it would resonate with so many people. After many people suggested that I submit it to our local paper, I did. 

It had to be edited down to almost half of the original piece but I like the way the edit came out.  Here is the online link if you want to read it.

Sandi and I have each had op-eds published in the Bangor Daily over the past many years and if there is one thing we know it is how hateful and cruel readers can be when posting comments from the privacy of their home computers.  Sandi said to me: "Promise me something. I want you to promise me 100% and you cannot break your promise no matter what.  But if you do, you have to tell me so I can sit with you.  Promise me you won't look at the online comments."  She knows me well. 

I haven't looked at any comments but if you want to go and leave one supporting this referendum so there is more good than bad on there I would be forever grateful.

And, one more thing, since somehow I am asking you for things in a post that was meant to say thank you, I would love to know more about the people that read this blog.  I write it because I love to, because I feel deeply compelled to, but it is a bit strange writing into an abyss.   I've met people that say they read the blog and that they feel like a stalker introducing themselves to me since I don't know them.  I don't feel like that at all.  In fact, it's kind of weird that you know so much about me and I know, frankly, nothing about you.  So if you feel so moved, go ahead and "follow" the blog and I will know you are a reader or shoot me an email ( and tell me about you.  The comments I got on the previous post were so amazing and many were anonymous so I had no way to reply!

Thank you for reading.  Thank you for supporting.  I honestly couldn't go through the heart break of this election without all the love and support flowing our way.  Less than four weeks to go now...

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Bev said...

Irony: just before seeing this post, I read ALL of the comments on the BDN article. I tried not to, but I was compelled. At first, some of them were a little biting. And then I realized that the negative comments were coming from just two posters. And the positive ones? From many, many more. I still don't recommend you read them - it's too personal when it's yours. But know that there are plenty of people who support you, including a couple BDN commenters.

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