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Friday, June 29, 2012

parade ready

I'm pretty sure there is something called "parade rest" when official people (military?) are marching in a parade. At our house we have the opposite going on.  We are parade ready.

Sandi and I have spent this past week getting ready - she working on the equality video and me organizing and shuffling all our belongings and food into designated piles which will find themselves creatively arranged to fit into our car for a 9 (count them 9!) days away from home.  Between mowing the lawn, trellising the peas, balancing the checkbook, stopping the mail, paying the bills, running all the necessary errands and catching up on stuff than can't go undone for 9 days (9!), PLUS packing, I am now in desperate need of a vacation.

On the video front I want to tell you that I think we have squeezed ourselves into a loop hole that will allow us to post it for everyone to see.  I will do that as soon as I am sure.  Sandi has spent hours she couldn't exactly spare, staying up way too late and getting up too early, to cram the time in to make this really awesome, very powerful video.  I'm incredibly proud of what she has created and I can't wait to share it!!! I swell with pride and emotion every time I watch it. 

I want to tell you about another awesome thing:  Sandi's grandparents, our girls' great-grandparents, who have been married for 60+ years, want to participate in the parade with us.  To me this is no small thing.  For anyone of that generation to be on board, let alone to voice an opinion publically, is significant.  Because they are in their 80s and ambulating would be difficult, Sandi's dad is going to drive them behind us in a car so they can throw candy.


There are people from this very small community who will be "coming out" for the first time in a public way in their community.  There are straight supporters coming out the woodwork.  There is this massive momentum pushing forward and I have to say, the ride is kind of fun!

Ella is counting down the hours now.  Sandi took this picture of her to end the video with:

So after the parade, we will be heading to Sandi's family's camp- the happiest place we know- for vacation. This means in addition to the sun and the sand and the lake, we will have Sandi to ourselves for 9 days!!!  I am so relieved for her and for us.  We need this time.

And, because momentum is in full swing, we are also going to march in another downeast Maine parade in Machias on the actual Forth of July.  I just went to Target and bought another $20 worth of candy to throw.  And yes, that is against my personal value system, but it's for a good cause.  Plus, I didn't think the kids would be psyched to see individually wrapped carrot sticks sailing toward them.  That's no way to win people over...

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momof 3 said...

Standing beside all of you in your fight for marriage.I wish I could walk with you and your family on the 4th in Machias but with a baby due any day I'll just stand and cheer.My vote will be out there in November.I hope that this time all Mainers can have equal Marriage rights.

Hope you enjoy your 9 days together and have a wonderful Vacation.

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