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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

first grade field trip

Ella's first grade field trip unfortunately fell on the same day as a planned massage day for me on Beal's Island.  I had been sad about having to work instead of go on the field trip.  This is the plight of the mostly stay-at-home mom.  You are spoiled being able to be there for everything and then when it looks like you might miss one event, you pout and complain, forgetting all the parents who never get to do any of it. 

It didn't help that when I told Sandi about it (we only found out about the field trip 5 days before it was to happen) and that part of me had contemplated canceling my work trip, she replied: "Well, think about it.  How many first grade field trips will there be?"  Translation: this ride will be over soon and you will have to get off even though they will have to drag you by your feet.

Luckily for us, Maya and I were recovering from Influenza so I had to cancel my trip anyway.  We dosed up on meds and went on the field trip.

It was totally worth the loss of income of the only bread winner in the house and Maya paying for it with a 105 fever later that afternoon. Damnit, at least we didn't miss it.

Here are the kids making a chain around a 100 year old tree.  There were actually some kids that were hugging it but I was too misty eyed to get it together to snap a picture.  Little tree huggers.  Be still my heart.

The kids have been studying tidal pools and the ocean at school and it was really cool to take them on the beach in search of sea life.  Or in Maya's case a really cool skimming rock.

Ella was very proud to find a hermit crab.

despite the imminent threat of being pinched.

Skyler found a collection of three crabs: small, medium and large. 
This kid can rally with the best of them. I did have to carry her on the nature walk and her eyes were a little glazed over but I still had to drag her away from the impending game of duck-duck-goose to go home for a mandatory nap. 

Yes, in case you're wondering. I do know how lucky I am that I am in the position to be so involved in my daughter's school.   I have come to love so many of these kids and I love being a part of these moments of their childhood. 

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Emilie said...

I love you for giving me this glimpse into this day I would have totally missed! Thank you thank you thank you for all you have done for those kids, especially mine. xoxox

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