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Sunday, June 10, 2012

happy things

(Also called blog catch-up)

Despite the bout of influenza (Sandi's still recovering) that has moved through our household and the stretch of gray, wet weather that makes one wonder how hard it can possibly be for the clouds to part and release the sun from its murky hiding place, some happy things are happening.

First, Maya finished her first year at Highland Preschool.  The class did a cute play of "Hats For Sale" with the kids playing the monkeys up in the trees and each kid got to stand up while the teacher read the answers to some telling questions they had asked the kids. 

Maya's Q and A looked like this:

What do you like most about preschool? "Drawing pictures for Mommy and Momma."

What do you want to be when you grow up? "I want to be BIG!  Big as Mommy and Momma and I want to be a mother."
Well, if anyone had any doubt that we were a two mom family before, this certainly cleared that up.

Performance and ceremony were followed by ice cream sundaes and the kids made virtual works of art from cream, sauces and sprinkles.

The girls had a sleep over last weekend with the twins.  The thing that I love, love, love about friendships at this age is when the kids feed off each other in a good way.  Ella like peppers so the girls now eat peppers.  Kendall wanted to help me mulch the garden and the next thing I know they were all helping me.   One says thank you, they all say thank you.   

I know this could totally work the other way around but these girls are just so good that their influence is only encouraging and helpful.

We did pedicures and had brownie sundaes after dinner Saturday night and the kids were asleep by 8:30 and slept until 7.  Now that is what I call being in charge of  a sleep over.
This past week, during our 7 days without sun,  I kind of made myself go out for my last long bike ride before the Trek despite the threat of yet more rain. I had childcare and a plan for exercise that weather shouldn't mess with. I was grateful I went and pleased that I'm mostly not a sissy.  Seven towns and 40 miles and a bunch of big hills made me confident that I am ready for the three day 180 mile ride.
AND THEN THE SUN CAME OUT!!!!!  Yesterday was literally drenched in sunshine and I just couldn't make myself come inside.  I started off the morning with an early morning bike ride with Emilie (our second week in a row) getting a bonus bike ride in for the week (31 miles) AND getting this incredible, kidless time with one of my favorite people.  It's like going out for coffee for two hours, but way better.

From last weeks ride:
 Emilie and I have run two marathons together and since my body doesn't agree with my brain's notions of running that distance, it makes me beyond happy to have something else physical that we can do together.  We are so compatible it isn't even funny.  Leave at 5:15? No problem!  You want to go this way?  Sure thing!  We catch up on random things and discuss some if the deeper parts that need the attentive ear of a good friend.  All this while our lungs burn hot with exertion as we climb the countless hills around our houses.  And we are home in time for breakfast.  That is what I call having it all.

Emilie took this picture of me leaving her house yesterday and I thought it would be perfect for one last plug...

The Trek starts next Friday! If anyone is interested in sponsoring me and donating to the American Lung Association it's not too late! You can still go to my my web page to donate. Thanks for all the support so far. I greatly appreciate it.
One more happy thing:  this week kicked off 5 months of local, organic produce from  our farm share! This is year number 8 for us and stepping into their shed full of cartons of spring greens is a homecoming I dream of starting in March.  Fresh salad every day!

Last night we had dinner as a family on the patio in the early evening sunshine, something we haven't been able to do in weeks due to sickness and weather.  Veggie burgers on the grill, crisp corn on the cob and a combo of sauteed pak choi, swiss chard,crisp spinach, garlic and red onion and topped with crumbled feta.  Ella was complaining that she doesn't like veggie burgers and asked if she could swap it for another nutritious item.  I told her she could try the greens.  She ate them all up, saying, "This is WAY better than that veggie burger!" thinking that she had won.  I laughed watching her eat it up(my seven-year-old eating cooked greens!) knowing that certainly I had won.

One last delicious image of spring.  Fruit and cheese kebabs:
Hope everyone else is getting some nice spring sliding into summer weather too!

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