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Thursday, June 14, 2012

last day of first grade (sniff sniff)

Here we are.  The last day of first grade. 

Hang on...let me grab a tissue.

I'm not a fan of endings and goodbyes and Sam and I had all we could do to not get sappy as we acknowledged this was the last day he would be coming to our house in the mornings before school.  Next year Skyler will be going to kid's corner with her soon-to-be-kindergartner brother, Reed.  We have loved having her with us for two years and my heart feels strapped down when I think about her not coming here next year.

Skyler took this picture and I ended up with a rainbow from our window prism on my face.  I'm going to go ahead and say I think that's lucky.
Our big girl who has styled her own hair, ponytail holder and all, for the past two days.
I made the girls Belgian waffles for breakfast to mark their last day.  Yes, the anti-chocolate milk campaigner served ice cream for breakfast.  Tell whoever you want.

The year started and ended with a rousing game of Twister (as you can see by the placement of the participants). 

Before we left, the girls did one last performance for me.  Their performances are part comedy, circus, acrobatics and interpretive dance.   They are cute and whimsical and have gotten better with time.  I asked them (made them) to leave the lights on so I could record it.  Yes, you can expect to be seeing this video at their senior banquet.

My daily drive:

And Skyler's daily swinging exit from my van:

They've had a lot of ups and downs this year.  Being more like sisters than friends, there is a lot of determining of the upper hand and sisterly spats.  But I think (hope) they have found their way and I think (hope) summer will be a good time for them to just play and not have the social/learning aspect to their friendship.
I've been fighting tears all morning.  My bike is stowed in my car, my bag is packed, I've eaten enough peanut butter to ride the Trek twice and I will be gone before they get out of school today.  Saying goodbye to these girls, these big, capable girls was so proudly sad for me today.

I just love them so, so much.  In a way that makes me want to stunt their growth and lock them in at home so I can keep them just like this.

Can someone please tell me how we went from this:

to this?


Emilie said...

I wasn't sad at all about this until I read this and it really sunk in. She is going to miss coming over there so so much. But what you guys gave her for the last 2 years is completely a part of her. It's not going anywhere.

As Skyler says ALL the time,

"Suzanne... she's kind of my second mom."

Anonymous said...

like to get between their pretty legs.

Anonymous said...

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