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Saturday, July 16, 2011

a perennial wish fulfilled

Sandi and I put a shade garden along our back woods property line 10 years ago after cleaning up the old trailer, cast iron piping, chain link fencing and other detritus left from a previous owner.

It was a pretty and horribly neglected garden. Let's just say if there were a social services agency that monitored garden neglect, we would have had our rights rescinded long ago.

We have often sat up on our back balcony facing this garden, which was slowly succumbing to the woods, and longed for a fence to give it a back drop for visibility. Some weeding wouldn't have hurt either.

(I've found that back balcony to be a lovely and expensive place to sit. Whenever we look down on our small but mighty kingdom of yard, we plan for the next improvement. First it was the playset, then the fire pit, now the fence. Perhaps a hot tub will enter in as a viable option next?)

We decided we would wish no longer and this was our year for two major yard projects. The fence was the first.

Posts sunk for fence. This is the garden having been weeded and mulched this spring, enough to keep the garden police at bay but still so lacking in the polished department.

I love a girl who can wield a power tool.  Sandi has a nice cordless drill and, I believe, two back up drills.  I love a girl with a BACK UP drill even more.
All done with stone work to boot!

Things are flourishing and the entire back yard feels like a different place!


Emilie said...

I can attest to how amazing it looks back there! I also love a girl with a back up drill... :)

And hot tub? Please. please do it.

Zoe K said...

What a beautiful garden! I drooled a lil bit, I confess. Oh my.

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