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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dear Lily Bay State Park and Moosehead Lake: we love you. that's all.

We had a truly wonderful two night camping trip with the Manhart's at Lily Bay State Park on Moosehead Lake in this beautiful state we get to call home.

Sandi's camera logged 539 pictures, 98% of which she took. She narrowed them to 78 she liked. I narrowed those to 30 something for the blog (plus one of her in her bikini that I took and couldn't resist). So sue me for excessive pictures on this post. When your days drip with sunshine, pine needles, food cooked and eaten outdoors and a giant lake full of character and generosity during a Maine heat wave, it can't be helped.

I will admit there was one point when it started to rain during our one full day there, Maya was being especially obstinate and our kayak trip into the lake lasted about 3 hours less than I wanted it to it (it lasted about 35 minutes) and is all the work to get  here worth it?

Guess what?  It is.

When you are surrounded by this:

and all of this:

When the rain abated and the sun was trying to shine again, we headed back to the beach to the most wild time.  Thunder storms were threatening to move our way, the wind was whipping and tearing through the lake making crashing surf and lots of noise.  We had the beach to ourselves and it was pure, primitive magic.  Even the ducks came to play.

Can you feel the love?

We've got our camping spot picked out for next year (where we plan to be joined by the Smith's!). I already can't wait to go back!

1 comment:

Angela said...

Love it, and yes, we are soooo coming next year!

Great pictures of 2 beautiful families that I love!

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