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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

on turning 70 (again) and the gift of technology

My mom celebrated her 70th birthday for the third time. Who can blame her?

My mom is a perfect example of something mellowing with age. I'm quite certain I am on a similar trajectory where accumulating years makes me less insane and more agreeable.

Which isn't to say that either my mom or I are exactly sane, but you get the point.

In all seriousness, my mom really seems to have come into her own in the past decade. She is softer, funnier, kinder and more generous with her heart. She is a wonderful grandmother and has spent the last many years nurturing her adult daughters in a way that wasn't really possible when we were young.

Watching my mom now, I sit stunned with gratitude and amazement for all that life offers if I can remain with my eyes clear and open rather than clouded in resentment simply because the timing was off schedule. Sometimes the road is crooked and curvy and a straight line is overrated.

This is my mom, laughing her head off.  That is just the kind of person she is.  She laughs so hard she has to has to take a deep, heaving breath in to get air and then stomps her foot down hard with the exhale because the funny just can't be contained in her body.  I think I must get my sense of humor from her.

The birthday party had it all- good food. long lost relatives (my mom's brother who has survived a serious case of liver cancer and who I hadn't seen in 13 years), lots of laughing and some good old fashion bubbles.

For her birthday, my sister and I bought my mom an ipod nano so she could have her music on the go.  We have a running joke that whenever we buy my mom a gift we should affix the receipt right to it.  She can be hard to shop for.  Her reaction was exactly as we predicated:  lukewarm ambivalence.

A crash course in itunes, several exclamations of "I hope I can work this thing!" and "All of that music will fit on this tiny thing?!" and it was time to blow out the candles.

Gramma and her grandkids (minus Ella who has been very anti-photography lately and worked hard to get out of the shot). 

Happy Birthday mom. Here's to celebrating 70 all over again next July.

1 comment:

Angela said...

Love this! So happy Gramma had a great party!!!!

PS - El looks about 15 in those pictures.

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