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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chocolatier Blue

While I was in Camden yesterday, my friend Ange called me with a high alert.

At least in the world of chocolate lovers it could be considered a high alert.

I have no idea how (Ange has her pulse on the chocolate underworld, I'm fairly certain) but Ange knew that a high end chocolatier had just opened in Camden.  Ange and I share a love of Lake Champlain Chocolates from Burlington, VT and all she had to say was, "It is supposed to be on par with LCC" and I was there.

My mom thought she knew where it was and when it wasn't she shrugged as only the non-committed can and said it must not be open yet.

I got out my iphone and led Google led the way. (I still may be WAY under skilled with my smart phone but I know how to get myself out of an emergency and how to check Facebook.)

Behold Chocolatier Blue.

The shop was very simple and stylishly designed. They offered this array of truly exquisite, albeit slightly inedible looking, chocolate.  Maya curled her little fingers onto to the lip of this counter and pulled herself up (she is freakishly strong) to peer in.  I said, "this is not the kind of place where you do that."  Apparently most chocolatiers buy their chocolate for $2 per pound and these chocolatiers are paying $30 a pound for expensive Italian chocolate.

The chocolates, ranging from lemon to sage honey to rocky Road to hazelnut to espresso and more, are $1.50 a piece.  I actually did not balk at this since LCC is $2.25 per truffle if memory serves me (and it usually does regarding chocolate.)

All in all I was thrilled to see such a niche business thriving in Maine, even if it is in a mostly tourist trade. It is run by a lovely local couple.  The husband, Dwight Blue, is one of three brothers who are now all in the chocolate trade.  The California brother makes the chocolate and sells it in a few locations in upstate California, a second brother runs a store in Lincoln, Nebraska and now the third brother and his wife are selling the goods right her in Camden.

I have such a soft spot for people who devote their lives to chocolate.

And the chocolate?  Lovely and unusual.  I sampled the peanut butter banana truffle and the hazelnut which was completely decadent.  It had a hint of sea salt and a rich hazelnut center. 

As if we needed it, now we have even more motivation to go visit Grandma.  She's got the beach, the Cedar Works show yard, a chocolate boutique and, of course, herself.


kristin marie said...

Is this chocolate clean?

The Blue's said...

We are SO glad you stopped in to the shop. Please come again...this week (July 28th) we will be getting in a whole new slew of summer flavors.

We will also be open all year round :)

Tell your mom Maggi says HI!!

Thanks so much for the awesome post.

Maggi Blue

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