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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Sandi is studying for the GREs right now. 

I know.  We are such underachievers.

My favorite part of this process, aside from trying to keep Maya out of the office or asking Ella 100 times to refrain from showing Mommy every single new cool thing she can do while San is studying, is all the new vocab swimming around the house.

It's kind of freaky, but I LOVE words.  Love them like I want to roll them around in my mouth like a decadent piece of chocolate.  Sandi  has been feeding me with words lately, reminding me that I DO in fact have a brain.

Today's word: ululate: to whine or howl.

Imagine the possibilities.

Maya, never one to disappoint, gave us cause to use this word tonight. 

"Now that Maya is done ululating, maybe we can get her to bed now." 

Nothing like bridging the gap between losing your mind and strengthening it all that the same time.

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