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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

6 going on 14

Belatedly...some pictures of Ella's actual birthday which started with a visit from Skyler and Belgian waffles (how can you not like ice cream for breakfast?).

After school (and a little cupcake celebration there) she came home to open some presents and have pizza and cake with some of her favorite people (the Smith's, of course).  She had asked for a "purse- pink with large flowers on it."  I found this Vera Bradly bag on clearance and thought it fit the bill.  Tricia saw it and said, "VERA BRADLY?!?!?!  I WANT THAT PURSE!" 

And around her neck, to celebrate the spirit of the beloved "Annie", we bought her a real silver locket with her name engraved on it.  She had picked out a super cheapo one at a mall store and she had asked for it for her birthday but we decided at six it was time for some real jewelry.  It has pictures of Mommy and Momma on one side and Ella and Maya on the other.  As a result, Maya runs around the house after her asking, "Can I see the family in your necklace???"

Cake time:  Brady trying to get Ella to smile, Maya just being a wacko.
Time for candles and a wish...
I wonder what you wish for when you turn six...

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Angela said...

So happy we got to share her special day with her.


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