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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

eradicating morning stress (trying to anyway)

This is Ella with her new chart.  It's called "Are you ready to go Ella?"   It seems overly simple but it totally works.  The idea is that she checks the boxes to indicate completion of each task but the chart serves double duty- we no longer have to nag at her and tell her which step to do next. 

(I have to say that this was my idea in response to a conversation Sandi and I had about morning stress and nagging.  Then I saw it on the Today Show as a suggestion to cure morning madness.  I asked Sandi if she would do it and she made Ella the perfect chart- exactly how I had imagined it.)

There are a lot of steps to get ready for Kindergarten!  Now if we can just train Maya to do as we say we will be ALL set. (So in other words, we will never be set.)

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