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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wait, who am I again?

I was a chaperon for Ella's preschool field trip last week to the wastewater treatment plant, a.k.a. the sewer plant, to go along with the Earth Day theme of the month. Now, before you scoff and plug your nose, let me tell you it was really interesting. I had heard that they "treat" the wastewater so it is clean enough that they release it back into the river. Ewww. There was a fish tank in the lobby with sizable, silvery salmon swimming to and fro which are allegedly living in a tank of this "cleaned" water. Double ewww.

Until I went downstairs to the lab.

All this time, I figured they dumped a bunch of chemicals in there like a mad scientists lab. Turns out these guys are onto an eco-friendly system. They introduce micro-organisms to the filtered out waste water which eat up all the bacteria and re-establish a new ecosystem to the water. We could see the microscopic critters on a projector, magnified thousands of time and there they were eating away. It's like the symbiotic relationship where the plants take in our carbon dioxide and give off oxygen which we in turn take in and exhale carbon dioxide for them. I'm not entirely sure how these things are set up in the grand scheme of the universe, but suffice it to say it's a win-win down there at the wastewater treatment plant.

Anyway, as we were getting ready to load the kids into the cars the teacher said something like:"Josh, Heidi and Joseph you will be riding with Joseph's mom." She then raises her hand. "Fiona, Casper and Ziegfried, you will be riding with Zeigfried's mom." (Names have been changed to protect child identity.) "Bonnie, Cisco and Ella you will be riding with Ella's mom."

At which point, I just couldn't help myself.

"Or Suzanne. You can call me Suzanne. I have gone by that in the past."

Oh my goodness! When did I become only some one's mom???


Katie said...

very cool, indeed. :o)

Christine Nichols said...

LOVE that the trip was the sewer treatment plant! that's great. interesting how we lose our identity and become just the Mom. Interesting also how people treat/talk to me versus Brenda as she has the "job"...

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