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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

here they go again

"I just need someone to wipe my tears!" (Ella's response to my question of what would be helpful to her while she was crying her head off.)

"I happy." (Maya to Sandi when she had some solo snuggle time with Mommy.)

"I feed the kitchens!" (Maya regarding the chickens at the farm)

"Maya, can you ask me without whining?" (Ella to Maya in the back seat.)

"Here, Momma. Here's your water. You thirsty?" (Maya, dropping everything when I walked in the door from a long run to fetch and hand me my water bottle.)

"I just licked Coconut." (Ella- I guess she wanted to understand what all that feline self-cleaning was all about. Leave it to a 5 year old.)

"Maya please put your feet somewhere besides my face." (this one is obvious, no?)

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