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Saturday, March 24, 2012

wacky hair

Oddly enough, we've had some strange hair-related events as of late.

First off, Maya decided she wanted to turn this:

into this:

It took a very hot flat iron and a lot of "stand like a statue" cues, but I decided I would indulge her just this once.  As you know, the grass is always greener and although people stop me on a nearly daily basis to compliment Maya's curls, she just wants her hair straight.

I did come up with a folklore about how her hair became curly and it involves a lot of silly tongue out, running crazy at the end and she laughs her head off when I tell it. To my immense relief, she hasn't asked for straight hair again.

Then yesterday, as part of Spirit Week, it was wacky hair day at Ella's school.

I had envisioned fixing Ella's with tons of ponytails but she shockingly had her own ideas.  I was thrilled when Skyler came with the exact do.
Maya, naturally, needed wacky hair as well.  When we were in the school parking lot a woman that had been walking behind us commented that she thought Maya's hair was a really cute wig and then realized it was actually her hair. How will we ever convince her that people pay good money and still can't get curls like she has?

We did a major grocery shopping that morning and practically everyone stopped to comment on her PINK curly hair.  Each time she would say, in her high sing-song voice, "Wacky hair day at Ella's school!" and no one would understand so I would translate.  Then she would say, "We're having our first campfire tonight!" to them.  And I would translate that as well.  To at least 20 people.

I think pink hair makes you more creative!

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