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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Say WHAT???

I got an email yesterday from the editors of Sparrow Magazine telling me that one of Jamie Oliver's staff wanted to get in touch with me about my chocolate milk article. 


Sure enough, the social and media coordinator for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution was trying to track me down. 

For those who don't now, Jamie Oliver has a TV show directed at trying to improve the eating and health of the American public by teaching people about food, how to cook and how to appreciate real food instead of all the processed junk we eat.  One of his specific targets is school lunch programs.

I love Jamie Oliver.  He is kind of my hero.  Watching the food revolution was the main impetus for my chocolate milk campaign. His unapologetic and relentless pursuit of feeding kids real food was a total inspiration to me.

It looks like they want me to write an article, or rework my Sparrow article, for their website.   I cannot even tell you how exciting this is for me.  Sure, sure at first I pictured Jamie Oliver in Ella's school cafeteria interviewing me while my newly highlighted hair shone in the camera lights as I stomped on a carton of chocolate milk.  But to have people care about something I care so much about is so affirming to me and to be asked to write, to have people want to read what I write...well, that is just so cool.  And to have it be Jamie Oliver (or his proxy) is over the top awesome.

So a big thanks to Sparrow Magazine and its editors Emilie and Kelly for asking me to write the article and for giving me a platform to talk about something so close to my heart.  And thank you to my family and my childhood dog and....oh wait, this isn't an Oscar speech.

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The Pressey family said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome!!

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