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Monday, March 22, 2010


"Good math, Ella!" I said when Ella told me that Sandi had worked the last 2 days which meant she had 3 left. "What is math?" she asked. (mother's note: really??) "Math, you know when you add and subtract numbers?" I answered, trying not to be sarcastic, a real effort. "Oh," she said. Small pause. "Well this is karate!" and she stood up from the table and did some jabs and kicks into the air.

Sandi had been checking Maya's lungs with her stethoscope during the whole RSV fiasco when Maya was wheezing and kind of panting for air. Soon Maya was on to her and began to defy all of her attempts at checking Maya's oxygen levels and lung status. She looked at Sandi with her signature scowl and said, in her now even deeper voice, "You no check my lungs."

Maya has been doing a bit more hitting, pinching, biting, and general antagonizing of her sister. We make her apologize and give Ella "love" to make it up to her which means Maya might be giving Ella "love" to make up for her "mean" 20 times a day. Yesterday Ella said, "I don't want anymore of Maya's love!" Who can blame her?

"I think Coconutty will love fall when the leaves blow around in a circle. Like a tomato!"

"Mommy, I fell down the stairs yesterday. Just like Jill in Jack and Jill."

Maya was playing peek-a-boo in the hospital cafeteria today. She would disappear behind a half way and yell "I gone!"

Maya asked where Ella was. I told her Ella was at school. "Okay!" she said and then went to the top of the stairs and yelled, "Ella Carver! You come here!!" The other day she yelled at "Coconutty Carver" to come as well. Today in the car she removed her socks, her shoes and her shoe insoles. Ella asked, "Can she do that?" and all I could think was, "Does she care?"

And Ella told me: "Coconut and I were spirit friends before we met."

Then today she informed me, during a tantrum: "I don't want to live here anymore!!"

It's a good thing them come with build in comic relief.

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