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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

the fabulous four (or fabulous 3 with one who bites)

Ange and I dyed Easter eggs with the kids today. Allow me to clarify: Ange managed the kids dipping fragile eggs into permanent dye. I took pictures.

We told Maya we were going to dip the eggs in the dye. She thought we were joking.
And so she tried to test the limit of the eggs (like everything in life right now) but throwing them into the bowls and cracking three of them,

before getting down to serious work.

There were a few tears shed by Anna (I think because of some altercation with Maya's fists or teeth),

and then she, too, got to work.
Brady and Ella did not lack for concentration. They set off like the little worker bees they are.

Then Brady and Ella decided to put Anna down for a nap. She was displeased. And almost fell asleep.

The whole thing got me thinking about last year at this time...

And to think Ange and I still call Maya and Anna "the babies." Okay, maybe just I do. That was so smart of us to have kids the same age. (You're on your own for the next one, Mrs. Smith.)


Angela said...

Hey! You keep quiet about the next baby! Haha.

Love it. Thanks for taking the pics - this year and last! It was surprisingly easy to wrangle all the kids - I think that's because they are getting so much older, which is great and so so sad all at the same time. :)

Angela said...

Forgot one thing... I want to go on record saying that although she bites (and pinches and pushes and pulls hair - and actually pulled Matt's beard yesterday - {Matt insists she only harms the ones she loves} )... Maya is still totally FABULOUS!!!

Jeannine said...

priceless photos AND moments!

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