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Thursday, June 6, 2013

when the weather can't decide

Memorial Day weekend met Maine with buckets and buckets of rain.  It was so chilly and damp we had to have the woodstove going.  When we'd had enough movies and games and tea parties, we just had to get outside.  Maya went out with Sandi for about 2 hours in the rain to help her sink a new mailbox post and mount a gymnastics bar on the playset.  I came out to help at the end mix concrete and soon we were all wet and it didn't seem to matter so much that it was raining. 
When rain pours from the sky and ruins your summer kick-off plans there is only really one thing to do. 
I said to the kids: "Get as wet as you possibly can."

And then, 5 days later it hit 85 and then 90 and then 95.  We were in a full-blown summer heatwave last weekend that left me a bit breathless and sporting a lovely heat rash on my non-acclimated skin. 
When life give you rain, you puddle stomp.  When life gives you spontaneous summer, you make a water slide. 


I love Maine and its bipolar, keep-you-guessing weather.  I will take it all. 

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