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Thursday, June 6, 2013

vocab supper

Every few weeks Ella comes home with lists of vocabulary words to practice.  Having been a child of an erudite mother with a mouth big enough to hold the largest of words (I mean that as a compliment Mom), I am all in on the vocab practice.  I remember knowing what asinine meant when I was eight and thinking it sounded cool to say it because it sounded so much like ass.  Obviously, I was intrigued with words of either social status.
In going through the pile of papers from school that had congregated on my counter, I found a stack of vocab lists we had failed to practice and made a decision.
We were going to get this done in the form of "Vocab Dinner."
The object of the game was to use up your list (or lists) by using your word in a sentence during the meal.  Some of us had multiple lists.  Tia dropped by at just the right moment to join the fun.
Sandi stuck her sheet on her forehead and from there we lost total control.

My favorite was Maya's use of the word doubt.

"I doubt milk."

"I doubt hornets."

"I doubt apple juice."

It didn't matter our attempts to correct her. She was on a roll.

I know learning isn't supposed to be learned in binge-like fashion but I think we get stars for the "have fun while learning" part.  Honestly, this is what I've got left at this stage of the school year.

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